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hotelamerika Dit fristed midt i landets smukkeste natur

About Hotel Amerika 2

Visit Hotel Amerika in the middle of the forest

Visiting Hotel Amerika is like going on a journey into a world of serenity. Driving through the old beech forest you can feel your heart rate drop as the peace settles in your body. The beauty of the forest shines through no matter the season, but it is especially in the spring when the anemones light up under the beech’s light green foliage or maybe in the autumn, when the leaves changes colours and transform the forest into a sea of flames of red and orange leaves that surrounds Denmark’s most beautiful fjord.

The hotel is placed in the middle of Østerskoven in the outskirts of Hobro. Right outside the front door, a network of trails and shorter hiking trails gives you access to the wooded hilly landscape where you can follow the small springs and streams down to Mariage Fjord. The tall majestic beechs dominates the landscape but down on the forest floor, the paths leads you past the old oak scrub, streams, and viewpoints where you can enjoy the beautiful view over the fjord and the city of Hobro. The forest is full of smaller animals, but you can also find forest cattle grazing between the old oak trees. It is a picturesque landscape that is reminiscent of the lanscape paintings from Denmark’s Golden Age. It is impressive, alluring and soothing.

About Hotel Amerika 3

Room for tranquility, contemplation, and pure relaxation

The calmness of the forest seeps through the walls and you can feel the same peace inside the lobby that you feel on the outside. You will not fell that time has come to a standstill – but rather that you have arrived at a refuge of peace and quiet… and the time to enjoy it.

The whole interior of the hotel encapsulates this relaxing atmosphere. From the lobby and into the spacious rooms, you well feel a cohesive relaxing ambience.

We hope you’ll find that everyone strives to provide you to provide you with the best experience. We make sure the food is exquisite and the surroundings are cosy. To put it simply, we do out best to create a space where you feel welcome and you want for nothing.

Hotel Amerika is a “modern” hotel with 68 spacious rooms. Some offer balconies or terrace but all have in common that they overlook the beautiful forest.

About Hotel Amerika 4

Superb food – in the most beautiful setting

In our á la carte restaurant Restaurant Uafhængig, you will find a cosy and stylish environment, beautifully furnished and with a magnificent view of our garden and the surrounding forest. Our head chef creates gastronomic experiences with authentic dishes using only the best and seasonal ingredients taking inspiration from the forest and the area surrounding Mariager Fjord.

You can also stop by for a light lunch or perhaps jus for a cup of coffee and a little treat. Of course, you do not have to be a guest at the hotel to enjoy a meal in the restaurant. Everyone is welcome. If the trail leads you past to hotel, feel free to stop by for a bite to eat.


Park right by the door

At Hotel Amerika you don’t have to wory about parking. You can park right outside the door free of charge. If you have an electric car, you don’t have toworry about charging. We offer free charging for guest of the hotel and restaurant. If you can’t find the chargers, just come and ask in the reception.

We know you like to stay connected to the outside world, so we have free WIFI in all common areas as well as in the rooms.

Whether you come on your own, with your partner, family, friends, or coworkers, we look forward to welcoming you to Hotel Amerika

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Online booking

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